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gabion mesh machine

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gabion mesh machine, also known as hexagonal net machine, Gebin net machine, hexagonal net machine is a professional equipment for producing regular hexagonal metal mesh. The raw material can be galvanized iron wire or PVC iron wire. The mesh cloth of hexagonal net net machine has been widely used. Petroleum, construction, aquaculture, chemical industry, heating pipes and other pipelines; can also be used for fences, residential and landscaping protection. At the same time, the hexagonal net can also be used to make gabion meshs, which are widely used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, roads and bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering projects. It is a good material for flood control and flood control.

This model adopts a vertical structure, which runs smoothly and has high production efficiency. Hexagonal mesh machine weaving mesh specifications: 100*120, 100*80, 80*60, 70*50.

Hexagonal cymbal net machine has a variety of accessories: such as coil spring machine, plastic molding machine, crimping machine and so on.

main feature:
(1) The speed can be appropriately adjusted according to the raw material conditions to reduce the rate of breakage.
(2) The mesh is even and tidy, and the wire can be sandwiched in any position.
(3) With clutch brake device, it can be jogged and the operation is flexible and reliable. The operator has low technical requirements.
(4) Centralized lubrication, easy to use and reliable lubrication.
(5) Rugged and durable, easy to adjust and maintain.



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