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Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of gabion mesh Network Slope Protection

Publisher: Jiangyin Jinlida Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018/12/4 11:55:12 Hits: 339 Close

As a kind of water resources material for river ecological slope protection, the gabion mesh has been widely used in various water conservancy projects. In recent years, the ecological construction of water resources departments attaches importance to and rigor, resulting in more and more demand for the gabion mesh, and the market of the gabion mesh net is becoming more and more competitive.

What advantages does the gabion mesh have in favor of it?
1. Economy: The price of gabion mesh net is usually from several to more than ten pieces per square meter. Compared with traditional concrete slope protection, it has certain economic performance.
2. Permeability: There is a large amount of porosity between the filling gabions that meet the requirements in the cage net pocket, which can dredge the river in time in the turbulent place and weaken the scouring of the strong current.
3。 Safety: Eco-cage net structure is an integral and water-permeable function。 It not only has flexibility and adaptability to foundation deformation, but also can resist wind and wave, scour, and effectively fix and protect slopes。
4. Ecology: Eco-cage net structure fills gabions with high porosity and water permeability. Soil, water and biology are mutually conserved, which does not affect the habitat of original organisms. After construction, it can be accepted by soil organisms.
5. Simplicity: Compression and packing of eco-cage net is convenient for transportation. In addition, the installation process is simple without high-end technical guidance. It only needs to open the cage, place the revetment position, fill gabions and tie them up.
6。 Durability: The material of gabion mesh net is galvanized steel wire or steel wire with plastic-coated PVC protective layer and galvanized aluminium alloy。 Its anti-corrosion treatment performance is high, its service life is long, and its durability is durable。
7。 Landscape: The colour of ecological gabion mesh covered with PVC protective layer can be diversified, and different colours can be chosen to coordinate with the surrounding environment, which has excellent landscaping effect。
8。 Diversity: Longyi gabion mesh has a variety of specifications。 It can accept customized production of different specifications of customers, as well as customized production of heterosexual networks。 It will not meet the needs of each customer because of the single specifications。

But the only thing that matters is that there are still a few things that need attention and attention。
1. In the production, installation and construction of gabion mesh mesh, attention should be paid to the steel wire of gabion mesh mesh to prevent it from being scratched by sharp steel wire. Generally, when installing the gabion mesh net, the installation personnel should be equipped with professional wear, such as helmet caps and gloves.
2。 To complete the slope protection, regular inspections should be carried out, cracked parts should be sutured and tied in time to prevent the effect of slope protection from being affected, and steel wire scratches from leakage should also be prevented。

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