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Material function of gabion mesh

Publisher: Jiangyin Jinlida Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018/12/4 11:54:10 Hits: 215 Close

The material of the gabion mesh:
1。 Galvanized gabion
2. Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire
3。 galvanized steel wire plastic coated
4. zinc-5%-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire

The galvanized gabion mesh is an ecological grid structure. The gabion mesh has high corrosion resistance, high strength, ductile low carbon steel wire or PVC coated steel wire. The gabion mesh is a gabion mesh net made of gabion mesh net. The diameter of the edge line of the gabion net is generally larger than the diameter of the wire. The double-wire stranded portion is generally twisted to ensure that the metal plating and the PVC coating of the stranded steel wire are not damaged.

Zinc plating is produced in one molding. Except for the cover plate, the side plate, the end plate and the bottom plate are inseparable. Length/Width Tolerance (±5%) Height tolerance (±5%), separated by a partition into separate units every 1 meter.

The assembly method, the cover plate, the side plate, the end plate and the bottom plate are separately produced and assembled into a cage, and each part is bundled with a spiral steel wire, and all the side wires of the cage are thickened to strengthen the strength of the cage。

Good combination: easy to process and transport, can be bundled into various shapes according to design requirements, adapt to the shape of hillsides, beaches and embankments.

1. gabion meshs control and guide rivers and floods
2. Gebin cage flood dam and diversion dam
3, gabion mesh net rock fall protection
4, Gebin cage to prevent water and soil loss
5, gabion mesh net | Gebin network bridge protection
6, Gebin network solid soil structure
7. gabion mesh net beach defense project
8. gabion mesh network port engineering
9, gabion mesh | Gebin retaining wall
10, gabion mesh network road protection

The structure can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock face hanging net shotcreting, slope planting (greening), gabion mesh can also be made into gabion cages, gabion net mats for rivers, dams and Anti-scour protection of seawall and reservoir and river interception.

Control and guide rivers and floods: A very serious river disaster is the flooding of river banks to destroy them, causing flooding, resulting in heavy losses of life and property and massive soil erosion。 Therefore, in dealing with the above problems, the application of the Gebin network structure becomes one of the good solutions, and the Gebin network can permanently protect the river bank。 Canal Canal Bed: The construction of the channel involves the stability of the slope and riverbed。 Therefore, the selection of the Gebin network structure is the main method used in many natural river reconstruction and artificial channel excavation in the past 100 years。 It can effectively and permanently protect river banks or riverbeds。 Gebin Net|gabion mesh has the function of controlling water flow, preventing water loss, especially in environmental protection and water quality maintenance。

Revetment protection: The application of ecological grid structure and river protection and its slope protection are very successful examples。 It fully exploits the advantages of the gabion mesh and the Gebin network, and achieves the ideal effect that other methods cannot achieve。

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