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How to handle the packing machine cassette

Publisher: Jiangyin Jinlida Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018/12/4 11:53:12 Hits: 183 Close

Packing machine cassette is an old-fashioned problem. Packing belt goes in the belt lane, basically there is no cassette. Cassette only exists in the tightening part and the bonding part. Today's edition focuses on the way to deal with the tightening part of the cassette. In subsequent articles, the edition will continue to share the packaging with you. Welcome to your continuous attention. In addition to excluding the quality of the packing belt itself, there are three reasons that may lead to this situation.

1、the tightening force is too large. Too large adjustment of tightening force, the tightening swing arm can not return in time during the rebound process, which will cause the packing belt to be stuck here. At this time, only need to adjust the tightening force slightly smaller, in general, the tightening force can be adjusted in the middle of the pointer, without too much.

2、the arm pin should be lubricated. The clamping device of the swing arm of the cylinder packing machine is fixed by a clamp pin. The clamp pin has been used for a long time and lacks lubrication. The swing arm is not flexible enough, and there will also be the case of the clamp. This requires the users to maintain and refuel the machine regularly.

3、the arm spring is too tight. The swing arm mechanism is the binding mechanism of the packing machine. If the spring of the swing arm is adjusted too tightly, the swing arm will appear more rigid. It is not so flexible in the process of work. The packing belt is easy to clamp. If the clamp is caused by this reason, you only need to loosen the spring of the swing arm.

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