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Type of packing machine

Publisher: Jiangyin Jinlida Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018/12/4 11:52:30 Hits: 103 Close

The packing machine series products include: automatic packing machine, semi-automatic packing machine, automatic packing machine, pressurized packing machine, etc., packing machine products have passed CE, SO9001 and other domestic and foreign certification.
1. According to the purpose: waste paper packing machine, metal packing machine, straw packing machine, cotton packing machine, plastic packing machine, etc.
2。 According to performance points: automatic packing machine, semi-automatic packing machine, manual packing machine, automatic packing machine, etc。
3. According to the mechanism: unmanned packing machine, fully automatic horizontal packing machine, fully automatic sword-type packing machine, automatic pressure-wearing sword packing machine, automatic pressure packing machine, portable packing machine, etc. .

Classified by use
1。 Manual packing machine: manual operation is required to complete the whole process。 Under normal circumstances, there are: electric hot melt and iron clasp clamping。
2。 Semi-automatic packing machine: After manually inserting the strap, the machine will automatically complete the packing process of the belt, bond, cut and take out。 Since each product requires manual operation, it is relatively inefficient。
3. Fully automatic packing machine: no need to manually insert the belt, the triggering method is divided into a little moving, manual, continuous playing, ball switch, foot switch, just press the switch to automatically complete the packing, convenient and fast.
4. Fully automatic unmanned packing machine: no need to manually insert the belt, just set it: automatically complete the whole process of belting, bonding, cutting and stripping. According to the demand, you can order 1-5 bags. Speed: 2.0 seconds / way.

Classified according to high and low stations
1 high platform automatic packing machine
2 high platform semi-automatic packing machine
3 low station automatic packing machine
4 low stage semi-automatic packing machine

1 manual packing machine
Use manual operation,
Split tool, manual tensioner (STTMR) with manual snap fastener (STTR) · Applicable industry: round or irregular flat packaging such as steel pipe, steel coil, wire, cutting and slitting
Mode of operation: Manual tensioner for use with manual snappers.
Features: Manual operation, rugged and easy to maintain.

2 automatic packing machine
Fully automatic packing machine: widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical, clothing, postal and other industries, suitable for carton packaging, paper packaging, parcel letter packaging, medicine box packaging, light industrial packaging, hardware tool packaging, ceramic packaging, Automatic packaging and bundling of various sizes of goods such as auto parts packaging, daily chemical packaging, stylistic supplies packaging, equipment packaging, etc.
Features: Modular aluminum alloy bow frame design, easy to disassemble and assemble; fully automatic design, more convenient to operate and use; the maximum size of the bale is determined by the bow frame, the bow frame can be customized according to the needs of users; motor, reducer, The cam and the tightening arm operate; the packing tightening force is excellent, the fault is less, the maintenance is convenient; the packing action is soft, the durability is excellent, the packing function is perfect; the motor stops immediately after the packaging is finished, and the power saving is practical。

3 metal packing machine
Applicable industries: steel, metal manufacturing, plywood, wood, electronics, logistics, etc.
Mode of operation: Manually tighten the cutting belt once to complete. Easy to repair, easy to access and only a few parts. Damaged parts can be replaced by the customer. Ergonomic design, good balance of the body, bandwidth and cutter can be adjusted freely.

4 packing and sealing machine
Applicable: Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, and other industries. It is suitable for packing and bundling of various sizes of goods such as carton packing, paper packing, medicine box packing, light industrial product packaging, and daily chemical packaging.
Features: With multiple protection devices, such as overload, phase loss, leakage, etc., to ensure the safe and normal use of equipment. The strapping machine adopts a fuel-free structure, which is easy to maintain and clean. The strapping machine adopts a non-contact switch, which is accurate and reliable, and has a long service life.

5 semi-automatic packing machine
The packing machine is suitable for the packaging of various sizes of goods, such as book magazines, cartons, postal parcels and other items.
The main working principle of the packing machine is that the strapping process of the belt, heat sealing, cutting and stripping can be automatically completed when the packaging tape is inserted, and the automatic shutdown can be performed. It is redesigned and manufactured on the basis of foreign prototypes. It can be used in a wide range of applications. No matter the size of the package, the machine can be packaged without mechanical adjustment. Some parts are imported, the blade is stable and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient.

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