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'Project Welcome Home': Vietnam vet memorial opens at the Museum of Flight (May 2019):

Former US defense secretary speaks at dedication ceremony for new Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park (May 2019):

In blue Seattle, a B-52 used in Vietnam is dedicated as new memorial park opens (May 2019):

'Welcome home': New Vietnam War memorial park draws the Mattis family to Seattle (May 2019):

Mattis to Speak at Seattle Vietnam Memorial Dedication (May 2019):

Project Welcome Home Restores B-52 Bomber From Vietnam (May 2019):

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis to dedicate new veterans memorial in Seattle (May 2019):

All invited to Vietnam Vets park dedication May 25 in Seattle (April 2019):

Restored B-52 bomber makes big move (March 2019):

Centerpiece of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park moved to permanent exhibit (March 2019):

Seattle's Dave and Sandy Sabey Donate $50,000 to Museum's Vietnam Veteran Park Project (November 2018):

Seattle couple donate $50,000 to Museum of Flight's Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park (November 2018):

Washington veteran recalls time in POW camp with John McCain (August 2018):

Local Vietnam War POW recalls how John McCain lifted his spirits inside prison camp (August 2018):

Restored B-52 lands at its new home (June 2018):

B-52 Relocating to New Seattle Home (June 2018):

Vietnam-era B-52 prepared for new home (June 2018):

B-52 bomber fuselage arrives in Seattle (June 2018):

A B-52 known as 'Midnight Express' takes freeways to Seattle (June 2018):

Moving the B-52 Midnight Express (June 2018):

Maj. Crecca, former POW, talks about B-52 restoration project (November 2017):

"War Machine" Vietnam Panel at The Museum of Flight (November 2017):

Vice Chairman's Message from Captain John Cardaci (September 2017):

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick: The Vietnam War (September 2017):

Vietnam vets launch a new mission: giving a retired B-52G a place of honor and glory (Summer 2017):

Original flight crew to restore their Vietnam War B-52 (June 2017):

Project Welcome Home (June 2017):

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