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alc.jpg Programs

Aviation Learning Center

The Aviation Learning Center brings to life the energy and excitement of flight through a hands-on learning experience。 Get。。。

Challenger Learning Center Programs

Challenger Learning Center

The Challenger Learning Center offers a team mission experience where students work together on a realistic, simulated。。。

drop-in_thumb Programs

Drop-In Programs

We have a variety of hands-on, “drop-in” activities available to bring the excitement of aerospace to your science night or。。。

gizmo.jpg Programs

Flying Gizmos Show

This fun assembly-style program is designed to help participants discover the science and history of flight through the use...

fossett.jpg Programs

Fossett Flyers Programs

In the Fossett Flyers programs, students learn about the science of flight while exploring the Flight Zone section of the...

Museum Exploration Programs

Museum Explorations

足彩胜负14场 Our Museum Exploration programs are chaperone-led experiences that encourage students to dig for information with a variety...

sleepover.jpg Programs

Museum Sleepovers

Spend the night at The Museum of Flight! Our Sleepover Program is a night full of fun and educational activities including...

One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure Programs

One World, One Sky

Presented in our digital portable planetarium, this STEM-based experience is intended to teach students, educators and...

sky.jpg Programs

Portable Universe

The Portable Universe programs are a great introduction to astronomy for learners of all ages and consist of a series of...

Coding our Future Programs

Programming Our Future

Are you ready to change the world? Students will learn about coding and its important role in shaping our society,...

robot.jpg Programs

Robot Garage

Participants use robotics kits to explore the basic engineering skills required to build a successful extraterrestrial...

weebots.jpg Programs


This program introduces young children to the building blocks of robotics and programming—teaching them about robots, what...

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