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足彩胜负14场In an effort to be cautious amid COVID-19, the Dahlberg Research Center & Harl V。 Brackin Library are closed to drop-ins or appointments until further notice。 We are unable to respond to any reference inquiries at this time。

We are also not accepting donations in-person or by mail at this time。

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

In addition to aircraft, The Museum of Flight collects and preserves all types of aviation and space artifacts. Some of these are on exhibit, while many more are stored, awaiting research, loan, or future display. All artifacts are carefully indexed, photographed, and stored.

The Museum of Flight contains over 25,000 artifacts, including engines, models, flags, military and airline crew uniforms, medals and pins, sculptures, airline in-flight service items, aircraft parts, instruments and gear, and a wide assortment of personal memorabilia. While many of these items are not currently on display, artifacts are often featured on the Collections Department’s Instagram account, , or on our digital repository, The Museum of Flight: Digital Collections.

If you would like to donate an artifact to the Museum, please fill out the Artifact Donation Form, linked below.

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